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Organization for Business Owners

Do you feel you can’t focus while sitting behind your desk?
Your environment is hurting your productivity.

Are you losing precious time by looking for files and phone numbers?
The fancy business software can only do so much…

Is time flying out the door?
Time becomes mastered. Overwhelm can be conquered. And clutter is tamed.

Are you somehow, not on top of your sales leads?
Now is the time to enjoy the perfect work environment.

Do you feel that your office is working against you?
It’s time to have peace and serenity.

Are you not meeting your sales goals?
Now is the time for you to become the CEO, ready to commit to your company and reach for the stars.

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In this 3-hour session, we will create a vision for your home office and execute right away.
Transform your office so you can deliver high-quality work, be on top of your clients and your business, and ready to expand your team or clientele. We will create an organized and inviting office, where you can achieve unparalleled success and where creativity can flow freely.

NIBIO’s professional organization and design services deliver innovated and creative solutions. The process is proven to enhance productivity and profitability for business owners working from home. An organized office space provides peace of mind to business owners who are overwhelmed by clutter and not meeting their sales goals.

NIBIO specializes in providing high-level company coaching, which helps clients take their business to the next level and achieve unparalleled success by bringing organization, inspiration, and the flow of energy to the client’s home office.

Case Studies of Happy Business Owners

Business Owner #1

In this Home Office, it was all about separating home, office and kitchen items. Finding wasted spaces and utilize them for additional storage. Setting up filing systems that worked for the client and create solutions to make life easier. Even providing an empty surface to sort out work and create brochures.

Moving the desk to the other side of the room to create this cozy desk area and utilizing all the light from the window.

Balance in space was huge in this office. When the desk was in the middle of the room, it somehow felt lost. But when we anchored it down on the left wall, magic happened.  Goosebumps for the client and me.

Business Owner #2

This office was created after a recent swap of rooms.

There was still kid’s furniture, kids’ books, and toys, and now it was time to transform it into a productive home office.

In this case, it was all about ease of access to printer and scanner, and create a comfortable and functioning work area. How to best arrange the office, so everything is working for the client, instead of against them.

Creating designated areas for items to live: work tote, purse, client brochures, and client gifts. Repurposing unutilized file cabinets and putting them into the office, now there is an entire wall for storage, filing, and books.

Creating a set-up that works for the business owner was the main change in this office.

Business Owner #3

This starting business owner was “allowed” to be in the main home office, but was struggling with the setup and the lack of space. As she embarked on her journey to set up her own business, it was eminent to her, and she needed to reach out for some help.

As a busy mom with several roles to fulfill daily, the home office didn’t get much attention. Or in a weird twist of fate: It received too much attention and became the family dumping ground.

The first thing was to create an inspiring set up for her: instead of looking at the wall, I now gave her a room with a view.  After some questions and trying to understand how many functions there were on her desk, we started to tame the piles of clutter.

Having a clutter free desk is worthwhile.  Working on new routines and living by them is key. If you stick to the plan, the chore will become a reward: Your Time with Your Company.

In this case, it was important to keep the drop-down desk free of clutter, and it now serves as an extension of her desk. After taking out the metric tape measure, I designed this entire area to work for her, her new company and the home: letter trays on the bottom, magazine holders on the shelf, paper drawers and a monthly calendar sheet she can take off the wall and bring to her events.

Helping her with business and network questions, as well as company branding and personal branding made this session invaluable for her.

Taming the clutter and supporting her new adventure was the transformation she needed.

Reserve Your Session with Nicolette

3 Hours offered at $425


Nicolette is a wizard at communicating with her clients in a powerful, fun and direct way, yet she also has an ability to empower and nurture while creating a plan all the while. The morning that she came to help me organize and clean my office, I was almost in tears before she arrived, feeling overwhelmed and uncertain how we were going to be able to make it work. She was so comforting, and she made the cleaning, clearing, and rearranging FUN.  By the time we were done, I was laughing at myself, how anxious I had been before we started working, and now, my office is so spacious, organized and clean, I can hardly believe it!

It is now not only efficient and conducive to getting my work done, but also it enables me to feel great about my work.  She even connected me with someone seeking very part-time work as an assistant, and someone who can help me moving forward. As she was leaving, after our work was complete, we were celebrating our accomplishments, and remarking on what a gorgeous space it is, a gorgeous fall day, and I could not believe what a difference 3 hours of her time made!

I highly recommend Nicolette for any project in which you are feeling overwhelmed and in need of rearranging and updating.  She is very gifted in this area, and is so supportive. My only regret is that I did not know her or hire her sooner!  I will definitely bring her in on our next home remodeling project as I know we will gain great value.

Melissa, Happy Organizing Client

When working on organizing something very personal like one’s office, I would think it would take days to get papers where they belong and items in spaces where things can be put away and found easily, but with Nicolette, it only took a few hours.

I have tried to do this by myself but just could not accomplish the task. I have asked a few friends to help, but that didn’t work. Nicolette assured me that she could help me tackle this job in a few hours. There was no judgment, no pressure, just hard work to move toward our goal.

I didn’t think I could make decisions to move things to storage places, but with Nicolette in the room as my guide, she made it easy. My husband was very skeptical, but when he saw the results, he couldn’t believe his eyes and then couldn’t see out of them clearly because of the tears welling up.

It truly is a gift when space can be reclaimed and peace is found when the clutter is gone! It was worth every penny spent!

Susan, Happy Organizing Client

Hi Nicolette, I would like to say how much I appreciate your visit to my home. Your ideas have already started to pay off. I am focused and motivated to complete the task at hand with all the things you recommended to me. Creative and innovative!

Denise, Happy Organizing Client

Nicolette was great to work with! She is very friendly and supportive, which made me very comfortable showing her some of our most disorganized corners of our house.

She used her creativity and roll-up-her-sleeves enthusiasm to guide me through organizing our storage room in just a couple of hours, and left me with a clear action plan for getting rid of things we no longer needed.

The end result was a much more functional, usable room that no longer added stress to our lives. And the progress had a snowball effect, causing us to do the same in our garage the next week. I highly recommend Nicolette.

Jennifer, Happy Organizing Client

I really appreciated Nicolette’s flexibility in my master closet organizing session. When I originally set up the appointment, it was thinking that we’d go with a custom closet. However, thoughts of moving from our current home made that no longer practical. Instead, Nicolette and I used our 4-hr session to completely move, clean, and re-organize the belongings inside the existing closet space in a way that makes it MUCH more functional.

Nicolette has a great personality- warm and personable and I also appreciated her honesty in letting me know that a closet build likely wouldn’t provide the return-for-dollars during re-sale that we’d be looking for.
If you have a tight budget, know that just having a session with Nicolette in place provides the motivation to clear and clean– I hauled 5 bags & boxes of stuff to Goodwill while preparing for our organizing appointment.
Now that I’ve gone through my first personal organizer session, I can see the value in utilizing Nicolette’s services in the future for other areas of our home!

Arti, Happy Organizing Client