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Helping out a client with their kitchen, countertops and dining room. Started by emptying the countertops and going through them, grouping items together (cook books – kids books and toys).  After that we tackled the whole dining room, changed the china around, finding room by reorganizing, and made a designated area for arts and crafts. If every item has its own spot it is easier to maintain putting items away. A sorting area will be installed for magazines, schoolwork and mail.

~Countertops before~

~Countertops after~

~Book shelves before~

~Book shelves in progress~
Sorting through all the books, separating the cook books from the kids books.
And then ending und with 2 empty shelves.

~Book shelves after~
Cook books on the left. Kids books and toys on the right.

~Dining room before~
Not enough proper storage for crafts and games, which piled up on in dining room.

~Dining room after~
Games have found another spot, no more piling up on the cabinet. Empty surface and clean/visual lines.