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Yesterday the NIBIO January 2016 Declutter Revolution ended.
84 Women committed to a one-month decluttering challenge.
Women from all over the world participated; Japan, Canada,
East Coast and several other states.

We discarded the same number of items as the day of the month.
January 1 – Discard 1 item, January 2 – Discard 2 items
and so on, until January 31 – Discard 31 items
All leading up to a total of 496 items.

We celebrated victories together, we supported each other in difficult times, we laughed and sometimes we cried.
The women made deep and profound changes. And they said NO to clutter. They inspired other women to join in, worked with emotional kids and not cooperating husbands.
Some women even wrote blog posts about the group.
And if you thinks that 496 is a lot, all women went over and had even higher numbers.

This group has made the real transformation! So proud of them all!
It has changed everybody’s life.

There is more to come and the group will be repeated in the near future.