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Excited with the end results for my client. Today we had a sample session (from an auction) for organizing. My client was bothered by her overflowing mail station and her craft/presents cabinet that was too full. We organized them both.

*For the mail station we went through all the mail pieces sorted them in; important envelopes, promotion items, magazines for later, magazines unsubscribe pile.

We contemplated several options to separate the mail as soon as it enters the hous…e, but in the end, we used two big trays that could hold all 4 piles and will never grow over the couch.

* For the craft/presents cabinet, we got all the belongings of the shelves and grouped them per category. All presents to be gifted will be on the top shelf, as they are all in the same spot which gives the client a great overview of what she has.

All the gift wrappings, ribbons, tissue paper were placed in the containers.
This system is easy to keep up, reasoning was explained, choices were made all while the clients was supported through the whole organizing process.