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Two weeks ago I got to visit Vancouver BC and did some furniture hunting.
I was so excited, my brain started working overtime; I wanted to buy everything I could lay my hands on.
Only downside some stores don’t ship to the US even if it is only a 2 hour drive.


I found a lot of modern furniture, a cool sofa with blue polka dots, the best wall paper ever as a headboard and lots of modern lighting.


I did buy some accessories they would fit in my car.
These signs I bought at my new favorite store;


I also found these great tea lights from a Danish designer.

When you look at the round candle holder from the side, you see an
division in the middle. The colors interact powerfully creating
a strong impression.

Stores worthwhile visiting;

Just across the street is EQ3
EQ3 does have a store in CA!

The biggest store of all, the building doesn’t reflect the inside!