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I should do this more often, present my mood board and drawings at night; I showed and explained all their 7 kitchen designs, while we were enjoying a glass of wine!
For the back-wall I designed 2 different tall cabinets to fill up the empty corner and make it into a functional cabinet and to let it flow with the rest of the kitchen.

~Elevation Kitchen wall~

I made 4 designs using the current floor plan; I played around with moving appliances and cabinets, while  making changes to the kitchen island.

~Mood board 4 designs using the current floor plan~

I also made 3 designs where we would close off the living room door; to utilize all the kitchen available space without considering 5 different walk-ways in and out the kitchen.

*Another option is to utilize the opposite wall and make changes to the entry of the kitchen from the hall way; to have 2 symmetrical tall cabinets with a top shelf to create a grandeur entry! This set-up can be used for most design, we can intermingle everything.

And one extreme option is; to divide the space behind the double office doors to be
Рa bookcase for the home office  -and-
– on the other side to function as a pantry with tons of space and storage.

~Elevation opposite wall~


The clients will take their time to figure out which design they really like and would work for them; it could be design 4, it could be a combination of designs.