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I was referred to Nicolette by a mutual friend. Hiring Nicolette Bouw with NIBIO is one of the best investments I did in a long time. I was lost after the move to a smaller house. Not only did she totally turn my closets around, to make room for my son coming home from college this Summer.
She helped me get the guest room back into a livable bedroom. She found hidden space everywhere, so I could store way more boxes and containers than I ever imagined.

My friend told me Nicolette could perform magic. But you don’t really understand that until you have experienced what she does.

Nicolette took ONE look at my uninspiring and dull living room, got her tape measure out and started thinking and moving my furniture around.

She created THREE living zones in my living room! I have no idea how she does it.  I now have a TV area, dining area, and a library area.

I am forever grateful with this magical session.Transformation-LivingRoom-Kirkland