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Excited about the transformation of this Multi-Purpose Room. Over the years this bonus room grew into everything the family didn’t want it to be. Obstacle courses to get to different areas in the room; music, work-out, storage and gaming. This room needed some TLC!
We worked very hard to divide the room in different zones that would make sense; In the back music and pool table, in the middle plenty of room to work-out and dance, the treadmill got a nice spot in front of the window for which overlooks the beautiful yard, and a zone for TV and gaming, and a nice separation with the bookcases for storage of suitcases.

Now this family can enjoy and use this room again.

~bonus room before~

~bonus room after~

Making this area into a nice family, TV, gaming zone.
We moved the treadmill out, and placed it in front of the window.

The TV moved to the other side and the bookcases were pulled forward for storage.

~before-after Bonus Room