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Moving mountains organizing, decluttering and transforming this home office, for this business owner working from home. Not only transforming the office but transforming her as well: during this session she transformed into the CEO of her company.

~Home Office before~
This home office was in need of some organization. Kitchen, pantry and office supplies were mixed in bookcases and on the floor. Piles of files were spread out on the desk, and important files got lost. Also the desk placement and furniture arrangement was not inspiring anymore for the client.

~Home Office after~
Utilizing the closet for all the kitchen and pantry items.  Office supplies and files are now organized in one book case, with easy access as well as great overview.
Moving the desk in front of the window, made all the difference in the world. It is located in a cozy corner of the room and has lots of views.
An empty desk is inspiring and important work get done.

Soon this business owner will be leading a multinational.HOMEOFFICE-NIBIO-KIRKLAND