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Organizing is FUN, and cleaning up chaos is enjoyable!

We all dream of pristine pantries, kitchen drawers and cabinets.

Here are 5 tips that won’t cost a lot of time and money, but will give you lot of happiness!




Tip 1:
Collect all your plastic bags that are laying behind the door in the pantry. Recycle them at your local supermarket.
Cost: $0
Time: 10 minutes



Tip 2:
Gather all your Tupperware and food containers, sort them and put them in a small basket. So you can always find them, and other household members will know where they belong.


Tip 3:
Is your pantry a complete mess with open bags of pasta and lentils?
Splurge on tons food containers, empty all your open bags in the containers.
Cost: $10 (for 24 containers)
Time: 30 minutes


For people who suffer from perfectionism, buy erasable food labels and write the expiration date on them.
Cost: $8 (for 70 labels)
Time: 5 minutes


Tip 4:
Tackle your messy kitchen drawer. Take out all your mess; categorize them, order them and sort them in similar piles.

Can you reduce the mess, reuse some items or recycle them?
Decide if these items even belong in this drawer. Can you donate some items, or just discard them?

Make a small investment in cutlery trays.
Cost: $5
Time: 30 minutes


Tip 5:
Start with your spice cabinet. Sort and go through all of them. Are they expired or still useable?

Make a small investment in expendable shelf organizers/spice racks
Cost: $15
Time: 30 minutes

Enjoy your spice cabinet every time you open the door!

The benefits of being more organized ranks right up with;
Happiness Being able to save time as you no longer look for the same things over and over again.
Health You will reduce stress because you know where everything is.
Hope Organizing small things quickly and easily enables you to do much more.