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Helping my clients getting ready after the move. “We just moved into our new home, our furniture is too big, we can’t get it to work, and we have too many boxes”.

For those clients I have the perfect After-the-move package;
1. Home visit full of brainstorming and ideas, unpacking of boxes, moving furniture around to create functional zones.

2. Designing floor plans and creating 2 Pdf’s with floor plans and furniture suggestions by store.

3. Final home visit where we bring the new furniture in and put everything together, unpack the last boxes and organize the home. All resulting in a Happy Home with better furniture lay-outs with improved traffic flows, which will creates balance, less stress and calmness in the home.


~The TV was still in the middle off the floor, we freed up a small book case and
moved the TV off the floor. No more tripping hazards and losing something really valuable~

~Taking a good look at this Master Closet, made me decide to remove to wire rack,
so the entire rod could be used for clothes~

~Finding hidden spaces, are treasures! Storing items in here that are not used frequently~

~Design 1 for the Dining Room~

~Design 2 for the Dining Room~